There are already some translations available. If your language is not available yet and you have some time, it would be great if you could create a translation. It is not that difficult and if you have questions you can ask me for help.

Available Translations

Language Translator(s) Download Last Modified
Template file (en) default language silence.pot 30.10.2010
Czech (cs) Pavel Fric cs.po 30.10.2010
German (de) Manuel Unglaub de.po 30.10.2010
Catalan (ca) Salva Ardid ca.po 31.10.2010

How to create a translation

  1. download the template
  2. rename it to xx.po, where xx corresponds to 2-letter ISO code for your language (for example "de.po" for german)
  3. open the file with a editor or poEdit
  4. set your Name and Email address as a translator name
  5. translate the phrases and save the file
  6. send the file to
You can take a look at the available translations if you need an example. If you have any questions send a mail to I will add the translations to Silence and also put them on this page.