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Silence Development

I started developing Silence in july 2009. At the start it was a pure Qt application but I decided that it would be a good thing to use these amazing KDE technologies. By now Silence is a powerfull tool but there are still a lot of interessting ideas and a lot of things that need improvment. So I am happy about every one who wants to help.

Project goals and focus

The idea is to create a desktop wiki to manage all kinds of text in a comfortable and efficient way. Apart from the goal to save information in an attractive way it is a very important part of the application to create realy effectiv ways to find information. There is already a powerfull search function but I think there are other methods that can help finding informations realy fast.

How can you help?

There are different ways to help this project.

Getting started

You can check out the Silence code as described here. Take a look and if you like to help you are welcome to do so.