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3 May ’12 5:23 pm by Thunder 5 Great stuff man!! :) learned alot from this tut. Im ptetry new to Blender and this tut answered alot of quetions! THANK YOU!!!


2013-09-14 11:56:55 - San wrote:

Mojet, eto ya o sebe vo mnojestvennom cshile?;) Hotya, kak shutila davno odna moya starinnaya priyatelnica, o sebe vo mnojestvennom lice govorat libo koroli, libo ludi stradayuschie (pardon!) glistami Poetomu, vpred budu osmotritelnee;)

2013-09-15 07:34:24 - Ulfachaastiga wrote:

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2013-09-16 11:37:14 - Monish wrote:

You\'ve got to be kidding me-it\'s so trplasarentny clear now! [url=]ltiifd[/url] [link=]vmzwbjzpwqt[/link]

2013-09-16 21:00:31 - Carlison wrote:

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2014-02-12 00:06:08 - Prast wrote:

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2014-03-05 10:11:14 - Ving wrote:

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