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Created 2010-09-30 13:51:44 by Steinar Hauge Status: open

In the 1990\'s WordPerfect made an ingenious little application called InfoCentral(IC). When Corel bought WP they did not know what gem they had in the portfolio. The application therefore disappeared, but was not forgotten by its users. Since source code is not available, so it is not possible to develop it further, but enthusiasts have made sure that it runs on recent versions of Windows than win 95. I\'m running it with crossover office on Linux, so it is fully possible it runs fine on Wine too. The exciting thing about this application is how you can mix and match the hierarchical structure and that it is possible to define your own input screen for new objects in the hierarchical structure. Furthermore, it is possible to add information in the link between two objects in the structure. It is also possible to put the validity date on the link that makes it possible to store historical information about the connection between two objects. I have for years been looking for developers who want to implement the functionality of IC in a new product and continue to develop this. If you want to know more, the old manual and installation file for windows can be download from here: Hope this can be interesting for you and a continuation of \"Silence\"


2010-09-30 14:16:25 - Manuel Unglaub wrote:

Thanks for the hint. It looks very interesting. I will take a closer look and maybe I can implement some of these functions in Silence.

2010-09-30 14:28:41 - Steinar Hauge wrote:

It also has a \"cardex\" interface, but dont use time on that. Its the flexible hierarchical interface, objects and linking objects, and information in the link between objects that makes it great and a possible continuation of Silence. Keep up the good work Best regards Steinar :-)

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