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Created 2013-09-14 15:37:52 by Artittaya Status: open

Hi,I\'d like to build a personal maulitlnguage website and, well, it\'s almost done but I\'ve been struggling a lot trying to set up the user login/registration/activation processes in such a way that users stay always in their chosen language site, while loggin in or regestering, and receive the activation email in their language, that is from their language site and not from the main site (unless the spoke the language of the main site obviously).The fact that WordPress Multisite runs\' login, registration and activation through the main site, which means only one language, isn\'t right for a maulitlnguage website. Actually it wouldn\'t matter at all if users weren\'t brought\' onto the main site and didn\'t receive an email in the language of the main site..Does your plugin work with WordPress Multisite (subfolders)?Can it keep\' users on their sites and let them receive emails in their language, from those sites, when they sign up?Thanks you..Best regards,Luca


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